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Mr. Del Monaco specializes in employment tax consulting services. Peter has over 25 years of experience attending the needs of clients in various industries. He has extensive experience in managing and defending independent contractor controversies at the state and federal levels. He also has vast experience and knowledge in managing the employment tax concerns for companies undergoing mergers and/or acquisitions - obtaining refunds for federal and state taxes in most transactions. Further, by planning and conducting due diligence projects to identify areas of payroll risk, he has also been able to identify and implement strategies to reduce costs and/or liabilities prior to or while ongoing the acquisition/merger process. Peter provides value-added service to most companies with whom he provides service.

He has also assisted clients in all industries in evaluating their withholding obligations on a multitude of special pay concerns and recommending the appropriate withholding tax obligations and the prerequisite internal tax adjustments. In addition, Peter has assisted and defended employers with payroll tax reconciliation issues with federal and state taxing authorities.

Peter was a a graduate of the City University of New York and has worked as a Senior Manager for a major international public accounting firm responsible for employment tax matters in the Western region and as a Vice President for a leading national executive compensation firm focusing on employment tax matters and mergers and acquisitions before creating his own firm. He was a former member of the California Chamber of Commerce's Employee Relations Committee, the California Taxpayer's Association and the American Payroll Association while simultaneously serving as a certified volunteer employment tax consultant to the APA's national and local membership.

Mr. Del Monaco is also a Certified Payroll Professional ("CPP") and a registered Tax Return Preparer.